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Coloured gemstones have captivated and inspired people of all cultures with their beauty and rarity. The finest of blue sapphires, blood-red rubies, and mesmerisingly green emeralds are just a few of the colours that our nature provides.

Diamond Dealer Direct offers a beautiful and wide selection of gemstone rings and gemstone jewellery at affordable prices. We carry gems of various shapes, cuts, clarity and sizes. Rest assured that you will find a piece that will suit any occasion.

Whether you are shopping for a gift or yourself, Diamond Dealer Direct offers an exquisite range of Diamond Jewellery, with an impressive collection including Diamond Earrings, Necklaces, Pendants and Bangles that will ensure people watch your every move with envy.

We offer everything from classic stud earrings to the latest on trend styles. For essential moments and occasions, you can consult with one of our fantastic diamond experts and they will guide you towards the style that is not only affordable, but in stunning quality. Visit our showroom in the famous Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham or contact us online.

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Diamond education is the knowledge of the 4 C's (Colour, Cut, Carat, Clarity) and all the factors that impact diamond quality and price.

Not all differences are seen to a naked eye, that is why it is beneficial for you to understand the fundamentals of Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat individually before purchasing a diamond ring or diamond jewellery.

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Diamond Jewellery
Since 1972

Diamond Dealer Direct is an experienced supplier of fine jewellery and diamonds to Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter. We started as a wholesaler back in 1972 and, after 40 years of dealing directly with the jewellery industry, opened the doors to our first public showroom in 2005.

Sometimes referred to as the Hockley area, Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter is a beautiful part of the city which is steeped in history. From the old jewellery manufacturing warehouses that still stand to the bustling day trade and classy nightlife, it is the most vibrant, timeless place to find the perfect piece of jewellery and relax those weary feet after a long day’s shopping. The Jewellery Quarter has been home to Diamond Dealer Direct for decades, and our store on Warstone Lane now welcomes diamond ring hunters through its doors seven days a week.

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In 2005 Diamond Dealer Direct opened its first public showroom in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter and offer its wholesale prices to the general public. Since then, demand for our services has grown, and we have opened a further two showrooms and undertaken a significant internet presence.

Being one of the largest diamond stockholders in the country, we have developed global connections and have direct access to over 70% of the world’s polished diamonds. We can source and supply any specialist stones you may need from any of the world’s leading laboratories, including GIA, IGI and HRD, so we are sure to be able to supply any stone matching your tastes and budget.

With over 50 years of experience in dealing with fine polished diamonds, our knowledge is unparalleled. Our in-house diamond graders are fully qualified FGA DGA academics, so you can have the peace of mind that any product from us is of the highest standard